Osc logoBuild your Cloud Oscilloscope!

This is a development version of the Cloud Oscilloscope service. You can share the results of data measurements with your colleagues using it. To do this, you need to build an oscilloscope, install Armbian Linux and add the assembled qt application to the startup.

If you have a lot of courage and the free time, you should build ADC-shield using this scheme. Most of the components can be found in the nearest radio store and on AliExpress. Next, connect it to Orange PI. If you have a 3d printer, you can print the enclosure. Here are links to models: front case, back case.

You can get Armbian image here, or upload image from google drive. Next, download the qt application, build it with the armv7-eabihf--glibc--stable-2017.05-toolchains-1-1 toolchaine.tar.bz2 (located at qt-application gitlab repository ) and put the compiled binary into /opt/osc directory on the flash drive in Orange Pi. Connect Orange Pi to the Internet via Wi-Fi using standard Linux tools or connect to ethernet.

After that, register on the website and add the oscilloscope with the showed on screen id at this section.

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Turn on the oscilloscope. You successfully built oscolloscope if you see the graph. Start measurements and press the "Data" button. Began to enroll oscilogram and the status will appear as 'mqtt connected'. Press the "Data" button again after the measurement is stopped. The oscillogram is automatically loaded into the cloud and displayed in the oscilograms section.

Ready to go!

The scheme seems to be complicated. We are working on to facilitate the assembly of the oscilloscope.

Available features:

  • User registration, use for demo login '' and password 'demodemo'
  • User management
  • Loading of oscillograms
  • Sharing of oscillograms
  • (pastebin)