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Cloud Oscilloscope was born at Hardware Hackathon in Ulyanovsk about 1.5 years ago.

The main goal was to make useful, interesting and cheap device at a price of 60-70$. That’s why we decided to use the cheapest components and chose the fresh Orange Pi Zero. It was 48 hours of hell: Orange Pi Zero has just released and delivered by Aliexpress, we didn't manage to neither open the datasheet, nor check sdk properly. We spent a lot of time at Hardware Hackathon adapting a SPI screen from Raspberry Pi to Orange Pi Zero. We tried to configure screen, without success. Also, the plan to "make a lot of things in 48 hours" is not a good strategy for big long-term living projects at Hackathons. After this event we decided to remake our device step by step.

A couple of months ago we recognized a real pattern to use Cloud Oscilloscope. The task was to debug a broken device and compare it to working one. After that we would show the results to our colleagues in other city. We had to make an oscillogram from broken device, look at it and compare with one made from working device. We had to do it by hand. Our oscilloscope can show data in real time and on small screen only. In most cases it is enough, but not when you need to show full oscillogram to others…

And… That’s it! Why couldn't we make a solution to grab oscillograms from device, send it to the cloud and analyze after that? I don’t know! After that we realized a real motivation to complete our long-term project and shared it with others. We are sure that other people have similar projects. Open source is the best way to share our solution without any copyrights problems and grab feedbacks from users to make device better.

Also the Cloud Oscilloscope could be useful to make an experiments in development of electronics: sometimes one needs to make long measurements from the device he develops, make triggers on voltage level and alert engineers that something has happened.

We won a first stage of Eclipse Open IoT Challenge and we have a deadline in March to make a prototype of our service.

We hope that it is a new door to opensource hardware!


We have some plans to build opensource community.